Poirier Migration Soundsystem


Specializing in tropical music (dancehall, soca, afropop, afrohouse and more) and electro, the DJ/producer Poirier is known for his creativity and eclectism.  He has released ten albums and several EPs as Poirier and with his project Boundary, working with labels such as Nice Up! Records, Mixpak, Man Recording and Ninja Tune.  In 2013, he won the Felix “Producer of the year” at the ADISQ with Boogat.  He has also led an album of remixes of Robert Charlebois’ songs.  In Montreal, his dance party “Qualité de Luxe” is very highly attended each month since three years.   Whether it is in Europe or North America, the public gathers up to appreciate his DJ sets, well known for their powerful bass and frenetic pace.  His new album Migration, featuring Red Fox, Machinedrum and Face-T was released under the british label Nice Up! Records.  His recent concert Migration Soundsystem focuses on a new approach where urban dance takes shape with the songs from his most recent album.  Beside the dancers, singers are also on the stage to create a contagious festive atmosphere.

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